The WHO regards traditional medicine practice as primary care

and the Australian government regards Chinese Medicine as allied health

and therefore primary care.

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experience & history

Anthony’s experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner spans over more than 35 years. He apprenticed directly under his teacher, adopting a hands on, direct and practical approach.

As a member (fellow) of Australia’s peak professional body, AACMA, Anthony maintains his standards through ongoing education and accreditation studying both here in Australia and in China.

In accordance with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Anthony holds national registration through the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

Drawn to Acupuncture at an early age through his love of traditional martial arts, Anthony has dedicated his life to his passions of martial arts, Chinese medicine, qi gong and meditation.

His special areas of interest include musculo-skeletal conditions, women’s health and emotional disorders including anxiety and depression, although he continues to treat the wide and varied array of conditions that present at both of his clinics.

Chinese Medicine history goes back thousands of years and is built on a foundation of care. Millions of treatments by countless practitioners have built up a repository of evidence as to its effectiveness that is increasingly being validated by modern scientific studies. As such, the list of conditions accepted as having a western evidence base is steadily growing.

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