Does acupuncture hurt?

Although it does not feel anything like a hypodermic injection, there is a sensation. This is often described as numb, heavy or tingling and is usually momentary. There is sometimes a small prick as the needle passes through the skin. If at any time during your treatment you feel discomfort, tell your practitioner and they will adjust the needle to make you more comfortable.

What should I wear?

It is best to wear comfortable, loose clothing as there are many acupoints on the body and the points selected are often some distance from the problem area.

What should I bring?

Copies of any test results and in the case of gynecological problems the dates of your most recent cycles.

How long does each treatments take?

Initial treatments can last up to an hour and subsequent treatments up to 45 minutes.

How often are the treatments?

Initially, depending on your condition, treatments are likely to be weekly. Once your condition has improved and or stablised, treatments are often pushed out to 2 or more weeks apart.

What about the needles?

All acupuncture needles used are fine, sterile, disposable and single use. They have a specifically shaped tip to assist in the insertion.

Where does the herbal medicine come from?

All our herbal formula are of the highest quality and imported from China. Each bottle is marked with an Australian Licence number issued by the Australian Government Theraputic Goods Admistration (TGA).

What happens if my condition changes?

Change is usually a positive sign. If you are at all concerned about your condition or your reaction to the treatment you should contact your practitioner. In the event that you have been prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for a specific condition and that condition changes, you may possibly require a change of prescription and again you should talk to your practitioner. For instance if you had been prescibed a herbal formula to assist with your digestion and then come down with a cold or flu, it may necesarry to either suspend use of the herbs for a day or two or take a different formula specifically for your new condition. When in doubt, once again, it is best to contact your practitioner.

How do I pay?

Anthony, Caitlin, Rosalba, Tracy and Grace accept eftpos, credit card, cheque or cash.

Can I get health fund rebates?

Most private health funds cover acupuncture and some cover Chinese herbs and you can talk to your practitioner regarding their level of cover. When checking with your fund about traditional Chinese medicine cover, be sure to point out that it is acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as it is a different category to herbal medicine as prescribed by a naturopath.

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