New Clinic Maroochydore

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Everything you need to know about our new clinic space in Maroochydore.

Why:   Well, after over 20 years in the same place we are finally selling up at 31 Maroubra St. in Maroochydore.

About:   After having been been the “landlord”, so to speak, for 33 years, I am about to become the tennant! I will be renting space from acupuncturist Grace Jones, who has been working from my clinic for a couple of years now and the new space is great.

Where:   Suite 2, 106 Sixth Avenue, Maroochydore with Grace’s eye catching “Bloom Acupuncture” signage. A great central position with plenty of parking close by, both out the front and in the surrounding streets leaving only a very short walk to the clinic. See the map below.

When:   I will begin operation from the the new space on Friday the 8th of May. See you there!